Facebook security check point bug Somethign Went wrong

Both of my personal accounts and one of my friends accounts are stuck on the security checkpoint after it asks us to change our password because Facebook thinks someone else was on our accounts.

The problem is, the proceeding buttons don’t seem to be working (Next or Skip etc). You click the button and it looks like it’s loading the next page but it doesn’t.

We have tried different browsers and devices etc but nothing works and the is no way of contacting Facebook regarding this bug i don’t think. We can’t even send them our passports to have accounts restored because the accounts are not disabled.

Please if someone has any suggestion then fire away.
Lot’s of other people may be having this problem too. 8000 persons have the same problem and facebook dont reply to us if facebook want more information for this problem just send a email to us [email protected]

Thanks in advance.

all extensions are disabled we have try to skip this bug from other browser Mozila, Safari, Chrome and internet explorer also we have try from phone from facebook app but the same problem Facebook you  have to fix that !

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